Fitness tips: Pistol squat with SKINS Compression

At the beginning of my fitness journey I started to bodyweight train, ashtanga yoga half and first series were my daily practice, I finally moved on to free weights training with kettlebells, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge way, to later progress to barbell training. I had to get the strength, since I was natural flexible (flexible mind, flexible body and an open heart, I just noticed, this has always been my motto).  It took strength, flexibility and balance skills to it. I did uncountable assisted pistol squats before I moved on to the full pistol squat.


Skins provided me with a Dynamic Gradient A400 Compression pair of tights and top, the moment I got them I felt in love with how they fit my body, the leggings and the sexy top fits perfectly my petite size. The way they fit the body is amazing, just to give you an idea, this outfit is a piece of technology art. They are made for high performance, injury prevention, circulatory system improvement and what I appreciate the most, for support in a post workout training recovery. Skins know that comfort is needed for a high quality performance and they are super comfy and easy to wear in any sport, actually, I squatted a lot in with them in my weekly sports and training:  Capoeira, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Kettlebell training and Yoga. This outfit is designed to benefit in delivering oxygen and reducing lactic acid build-up. So much technology in a so sassy training outfit. I can go on in detail about the benefits of the Skins technology compression, but you can check it out here.


CHAIR ONE LEG SQUAT || Start practicing with squatting with a chair and one leg, make sure you always keep control of the squat and the fully hip extension at the end of it. Practice this minimum 3x per week 5 sets of 5 repetitions each leg. When you feel you are ready to move on, make that chair low until you are deep squatting with proper form and breathing. Do the same sets and repetitions for each chair progression until you are ready to assist the pistol squat.

ASSISTED PISTOL SQUAT || Start practicing holding a pole, a rope, a tree or whatever you feel suitable to hold on to when you squat down in a pistol. Again, train yourself for it at least 3x per week in a 5×5 set/repetition. When you feel you are progressing, move on. Remember to be patience with what your body unfolds.

WEIGHTED PISTOL SQUAT || If you feel like you can progress with weight contra balance to strengthen your one leg squat then start with minimum weight and increase with the same training program that I have been talking about.

FULL PISTOL SQUAT || Time to move on and do your pistols! remember to concentrate in your breathing and technique. Keep your pistols in your training program even if you go back to bodyweight squats or heavy squats. Drop a pistol time to time to bring to your body memories in the nervous system. Pistols are great to keep your strength and flexibility on point.

Note: Remember to have fun, learn to listen to your body and observe the mechanics of your OWN body.

Photos: Markus Haas Outfit: Black top and leggings: Skins Red Crop top: Adidas Trainers: Vivobarefoot


Choose any balance flow that will build up your focus and your balance. Let me know how is your status with your hip extension and flexion work.

-In collaboration with SKINS


  • full pistol squat is very challenging, but important excercise.
    it hits deep muscles of our bottom better than any other squat variation.
    some are so good that can perform pistol squat on the slack line!

    • I agree!That is why I love it, so important and you can do it anywhere anytime, all is need is the body and mind.

    • Hi! I’m glad to hear about implementing the pistol squat to your sequence 🙂 and yes, there in another game wearing the skin tights in the active living.

  • Love the progression steps to a full pistol squat. I’ll give them a try. Interesting how a well made pair of sportwear can make a difference in a training.

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