Fitness tips: why I agree fitness motivation is bullshit

Hi guys! Today I want to approach a topic that the last couple years has grown thank you to the social media platforms: fitness motivation.

Since the last 3 years I have seen in my instagram account a large amount of fitness enthusiasts grown a community thanks to their passion for working out and sharing it to the world. Half naked men and woman, booties all over the place and a large amount of training possibilities: body building, calisthenics, strongman training, crossfit, yoga challenges, and I can go on writing about the new trend, fitness motivation, that actually it is not new, it just has faster access to the world.



How long can you keep pumping up your motivation? What happens when some tragic event comes to your life or training? How do you deal with frustration? Reality is that a negative attitude can wipe off in one second your motivation, right? Well all those fitness motivators are humans, have a life besides those pictures, tutorials and videos. They look different in the toilet and after shower, well some still look hot I have to say.

My point is; motivation in fitness and any other area of your life is just simple motivation. It can go away as soon as you stop watching the video or picture from any social media platform. It takes more than motivation to get R E S U L T S. And that is mindset. Know how to act towards frustration. Know the formula to overcome frustration and that my friends,  is practice.

“A negative attitude wipes out SELF-DISCIPLINE” –Tony Robbins


Frustration can turn a positive attitude to a negative one after going though a lot of rejections. the key is to change the attitude, change the physiology as many times as possible. You only have to do that.

I remember at the beginning of my fitness journey, my first trainings, I was learning how to deal with physical and emotional pain in the training room. My coach who has been more than me with Tony in several seminars, always always taught us: Attitude is the key, after every heavy set, clients tend to look down to the floor, complain about certain uncomfortable body and mental issues. In my case, after several hard trainings I started to listen carefully to the coach which is my hubby by the way. I grew up stronger and consistent because I knew it will take me further than average people, I learned always to look up and have a neutral or positive attitude. After a long period of practice this became a habit, became a ritual, became a law. It is automatic, I do not have to worry about that. I remember once crying, feeling frustrated, a victim, full of emotion, I  had a fight right in from of every one with the coach-hubby, I left the room and the training, because I didn’t know how to deal with frustration. It was the first and the last time I left one training because of frustration.

So overcome frustration with the events that are happening to you. Every time you encounter frustration, change the attitude and be fascinated with the event, says Tony Robbins. And it works. Don’t try it, do it. Let me know how it went.

Photos: Markus Haas


I tell you, since I am following so many cool renamed coaches from different sports I get “motivated” to do it so, I’ve convinced myself that at my age  I should enjoy the great sports that life was invented. To be honest I have to make choices at the point,

 My argument is that as a health and fitness blogger and yoga teacher I need and want to experience by first hand as many sports as possible so I can give a better approach when I write a fitness program and nutrition plan or give a specific yoga class. Since I am not competing for powerlifting or doing any crossfit game, I am more free to do enjoy the fitness journey and share it in the couching or in this platform.


Education helps to step away from distraction. As Ido Portal would say in our interview, educate yourself. Do not get caught up in fitness motivation. Plan, act, deliver, repeat.

It takes self-knowledge, practice to master your goals, fitness motivation is bullshit if you do not act, move forward, make a plan, make a mindset.


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