Get your fitness rituals straight
Tony Robbins

Last night, when I was plugging in my charging phone I came across with one book from the thousands seminars from Tony Robbins that my husband has attended. I looked to the german tittle “…Kraft” and soon I wanted to right again about habits and the importance to get some fitness rituals shit straight.

Everybody has rituals. We are control by rituals believe it or not. So we better get our fitness rituals straight. Rituals predict us.  Funny thing is that by looking to our bodies we can guess our rituals. We get up in the morning and what do we do?

I have the ritual to prepare or think what I am wearing before I get up. Normally my clothes are already at the bathroom (just like my dad) What is yours?

By looking our bodies we can see clearly. How effective is our training. How healthy are our meals. What type of training or practice we can see it in the muscles strength and/or mobility.

Your life comes from rituals! The magic formula is that your rituals put you in and out of state.

If you do the right thing at the wrong time you get pain- Tony Robbins

So we better do it in the right timing! How do we do that? Changing the state.

I have been forced to change my state. One thing I have learn and still learning in the training room is the state of mind. My husband has put me in hard training challenges and I have come out successful. Why? Because I’ve changed my mind state moment by moment. I remember my tears in my face, blood in my wrist. But I knew I could get reward from it. I never overtrained until I coached myself alone. We all need guidance and have other expert see what we cannot see.

We can change our fitness rituals, we can change priorities. We can choice over and over according to our goals.

Here I share with you the Live Healthily Ever After rituals that will help you for sure to get you back on track in reaching your goals. Stick to them even more in times of struggle.

wheatgrass shot alkaline


Alkalized yourself: Take a warm water with lemon to detox from the rest of the food processed during the night. There are many ways to alkalized yourself. Drinking clear water or taking a green shot of wheatgrass. Why do I need to get alkalized? Because we are exposed daily to acid foods, we love to drink coffee and eat gluten. We need to balance our Ph body more. With it help ourselves to live in a healthy state.

Energized yourself: Meditating, breathing or taking a walk or run in the morning will give energy to the body to perform in an optimum way. Make your your energy level is balanced so you have an optimum training.

Shift your focus: This is something that we have to learn and repeat moment by moment. Get the right attitude before, during and after your training workout. It gives you power and you take control of your state and actions.

Take control of your state: You better learn how to change your state and take control over it. I remember a day vacationing in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean beaches


Remember: You take control of your fitness rituals, your rituals take you to your fitness.

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