Habits: Change your eating, change your life

We humans are creatures of habits and if we have bad eating habits we might struggles getting the new healthy ones in our lifestyle. They say, if you change your eating, you change your life. Why? because we create our life.


Every day we reinforce our eating habits, healthy or unhealthy. Tell me if you agree or not? We most of the time buy the same food at the same store and prepare same recipes over and over. We are good at that; we know already the taste, we know how we feel when we eat them. In the other hand, when we are making a change; we do not know at first if we will feel good with the new food. We have a preconception of it. We might think “ok, what would I eat if I need to keep calm and in peace?” Well, this is what I actually think when I am in the process of replacing foods. Actually there are simple routines that could be easily incorporated to support the process. If you have changed your eating; you will agree with me that you life have changed. You might also have changed some friends haha but that is ok. This week we will approach eating habits and with it we will be making a check in how close or away to our fitness goal.



boost your energy

Boost your energy.- How do you boost your energy? Do you really buy energy drinks to have a kick and follow up with your busy day? There are also another ways to have this kicks in a natural way; green shots in the morning and during the day will do.




eating habits


Change your eating, change your life.- Want to be smart or smarty pants? There is a system for everything. Once you learn this system you will be in charge of the process to reach your fitness and health goals.




prep store


Prep and store your food.- Preparation and organization saves so much time. If you have decided that your nutrition is priority because it supports your daly performance. You have to make some preps. Preparing meals for the week is a way of efficiency. Do it this week.




eat left overs

Eat left overs.- One thing I learned when I was a raw foodie for half a year was that I can eat clean food even with left overs. When we learn to observe our body needs it becomes easier. Because we are eating real food from nature. There is wisdom beyond our developed culture.




ditch food guilt


Ditch guilt.- Eat mindfully and enjoy your food. You have chosen it, so it then sacred. Pay attention how many time you have been gone with the guilt trip when choosing your meals?




eat clean


80/20?.- 80/20 rule is a way to do it. If you are one of this persons go for it but do not deprive yourself or go nuts on your 20.






Learn, adopt, eat, repeat.- Simple and effective system for your meal plans. Learn how to do it, what your body needs. Adopt for every occasion. Your body shows you how every day it feels. Eat with this perspective. Repeat every days of your life.


Change your eating, change your life will be the topic of this first week of the moth of love. Enjoy implementing them and see what happen.


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