Habits: if you want time, you must make time


How true is that, if you want time, you must make time. Prioritizing your life is number one healthy and proactive habit we want to develop in life. We make time for what we want, we make time for what we like, we make time for the people we care about. If we are finding out that actually we are giving our time to activities or people that are not really important for what we want in life, then it is time to reset. i believe first step is to take a look in what we are doing right now. seat down and take a piece of paper and start writing down what are you doing right NOW. How are your days during the weeks? Sometimes we do activities to gain recognition or pay the rent. Either way we must make time to reset our priorities.  The #40daystofit challenge is all about redesigning habits to support your health and fitness goals, not only this 2016 but your whole life.


Setting and redesigning a system that will bring you to your best is not really hard work if you are aware of the benefits of having this system stablished. the benefits of having in auto mode what is basic in order to enjoy what is important to you. Every body wants to feel in peace, feel excited, passionated, in love and successful in life. These words might mean different for every person. But looking good and feeling good is what we all want. The workouts and the meals are supporters to the believes. We cannot live without one of them. As a whole we must have all taking in account. We break this habit in daily quotes to meditate on. Remember to fill in your habits log  and see how you are doing.



Run your day.- Been in charge of what you do in your day is basic and very important. How many activities or your to do list are you in charge? sometimes we get involved in our family or work actives or responsibilities but our very own. To be part of a group is always a roll to play but make sure your also make time for YOU, for what you need to do to support everything else. I know some moms or assistants  will give me the look but let’s face it. Letting other run your day will have an expiration date.




Focus on the important.- Here I would like to address some points. What we believe it is important maybe be not really important to support what you want in long terms. Going shopping because you are stress might help you forget about your stressy life but you will catch up and you will see your bank account.




Automate everything possible.- Put anything that has to be done in auto pilot. That means, your daily rituals, your bills, choosing your clothes in advance. I remember Steve Jobs wearing same colors to optimize time in decision making. Women, do not kill me to throw this to you but actually I try to keep my closet very very narrow. I do not need extra trendy shoes I need extra good shoes to take care of my spine. Anyway, when you put in auto mode paying your bills and managing your activities opens room to do what we love the most, reading a good book, having wine with your besties or going to that yoga or dance class (weightlifting or martian arts) that you are postponing because lack of time.




Say NO.- If you are a yes person, you know what I am talking about. We might have grown up with the believe that saying yes to everything is consider polite. Well, maybe in the old days where capitalism and competition is everything. You have to say no to the coffee chat, you have to say no to the waste of time and money been social and making somebody else happy instead of you. Say no today to something that you know it will bring you no where.




Track your time spent.- Logs spreadsheets are for these, take advantage of them. I made for you exercise, food and habit ones in order for you to see the big picture. Do you track your time spent? If so, has it helped you?




Busy doing what?.- When I thought about this I was smiling because I cut myself spending hours been distracted by social media! Don’t you? I mean I have the excuse to say well I need to be present and post social media daily and several times a day. But… I have to say I get really distracted by it. We can be very busy in everything but effective? How effective you think you are at the end of the day?




We make time for what we truly want.- We have to make time for what our heart long for. You want to be financial independent or you want your family to love you? sometimes one is takes you away from the other. Today reflect on what you truly want.



These 7 days habits reflection will give you a closer perspective of what it needs to be done in order to support your goals. If you want time, you must make time, afterwards, everything will be smoother, believe me.

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