Habits: Life is about creating yourself

Lately I have been talking about habits. Why? Because they are super powerful, they rule you. Habits are created by repeating action. Repeating over and over. what you are believing, what you are thinking has a lot of power in what you DO.

This is the reason taking time to do a check list in our habits will make an eye opening and will be the door to improve, to ditch some habits and create better ones that will support your LIFE GOALS.


Get things DONE.- Finish something that you still have open. You have to finish, close the case. Either a relationship or a book you have been reading for months. What about a career or business? What is what you still have open? Every action has an energy, every time we have something open this energy is missing, is taking your power away. It is TIME to get things done. DO IT!


Gratitude.- To be grateful is an amazing habit and not because you want to look cool saying thanks to every one or for everything. No, no. It is about the feeling to be really grateful for the moments, the persons, the home you have. Been grateful is a habit that takes so much stress away. It saves you so much energy that you use by comparing yourself with others. Been grateful will make you more free, more light, more peaceful, more inspired.


Repite one good habit over and over.- Repetition is the mother of skill. Go and repeat your work, go and do your exercise. Prepare in advance your meals. Alkaline your body! Repite to yourself: I am love, I am aware of life. I have everything.


Smile even when you have no reason.- Smiling really relax the muscles of the face. When your muscles move, your are sending information to the brain and the heart. So remember this Thursday to smile even when you have no reason at all to smile for. This is a habit we want to keep to make our body healthy, our mind sane, and our soul fulfilled.


Don’t take it personal. The habit of not taking someone else’s reactions, acts or words, saves you so much trouble and energy. Perceptions are the ones playing the game of communication. The way we communicate can be different from person to person and if someone is reacting in some situations it is because of themselves believes and emotions not yours.


Stay in the moment by moment. Been present is something we sometimes experience less and less. During our food intakes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, make sure you are here and now in the moment, allow yourself to pay attention to your senses to the smell of the food, the look of the food, the sound of the food when you are eating. This habit of stay in the moment by moment gives us an unbelievable power of been and making decisions.


Don’t try, DO.- most famous quote from star wars star Yoda. Just do what you have to do. ACT. put in action your ideas of wanting a better health and a fit body. After wanting is the action, the acts that will support that desire, that need to be a healthy fit human by nature. Do what is in your hands.

Here are 7 habits to put into practice per each day of the week. We will work with them daily. Daily journal in your FREE HABIT LOG that I put for you to see track and be happy when is done. Habits are LAW. Universal law is made by repetitions, it is made by actions, it is made by manifested thoughts repeated more than once or twice buy life time.


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