Habits: Move ass, mind follows


I remember in my teenage years when I was attending several seminars in self knowledge, thanks to my mom, who always wanted to facilitate me with tools about spirituality or religion, about emotional intelligence and mental trick to “survive” in life if for some reason they were not around anymore. (Yes I am an only child but for my latin culture this could be difficult). I remember in one of the conferences about following the body. Doing body postures until the mind will get it and will make it real. Move ass, mind follows. I got it after lots of years even though I have to say I use this tool when I had a hard time dealing with teenage emotional issues.


Move ass, mind follows is a way that many athletes live their sporty life by, duh. Those who train their bodies will not have only a fitter body but the body skills and a strong mind to win in a competition. Winners are moving their ass off to get results. Mind set these habits and act in auto mode to succeed.


This week we will meditate and use same tool to get better in our fitness journey and fitness goals.




mind mattersMove, move, move.- Do a movement that your mind and body is not used to, shock the body, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s explanation to grow muscles. What is your fitness goal? leaner, stronger, flexible, tight? Shock the body and lead the mind.




Observe your behavior.- this day use it to pay close attention in what you do, how you move thru the world. Are you feeling powerful, hopeless, emotional tired, physical tired? What do you do to resolve these feeling and behaviors? Write it down.



body matters

If mind matters, body matters.- take this day to observe how much during the day you take care of the body. Taking care of the body means, observe closely what you eat, if the food is fueling your body with vitality or is it just because…Observe how many hours you stand, squat, hang, twist. Take time to observe what you are doing to bring your body and mind to your optimum.




Repeat poses.- Happy faces, strong bodies, do it until believe it. Believe that you are already perfect. What you might want to improve it is for the greater of humanity. To share your best to the world. Not by need to be loved to be noticed but because you give all from inside out.



train on

Train on.- Train your body if you want to do flips, or handstands, poor pistol squats. Meaning has power.




Dance like no one is watching.- Dancing for me is a hard one, I feel the vibes and I feel like I want to dance but I restrict myself. I want to hold my body as much as possible not to express what it is inside. So this day we will dance like it will be not tomorrow. Choose your best songs and move.




Be free.- Sunday is to be free, free of expectations, free of saying to yourself that what you want cannot be possible. Be free to feel the power of your body. Be free to be open to grow.


Remember all week to move ass that the mind follows. You will be amazed of the freedom found is this habit. Athletes go for it, why you don’t?


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