Habits that fittest people from your gym have

You visit your gym 2-3 times a week for years now and you notice that the other gym goers look pretty much the same except few that start looking fitter from the rest and you wonder what he or she have made to look fitter than the rest of you. Here are the most common habits from the fittest people from your gym according to Live Healthily Ever After.


Having a Training Program to work on is consider a great habit that support your fitness goals. I have observed in my private gym some guys and girls with a specific training plan to follow their fitness goals, either is reaching a handstand, hitting PR on the bench press or making a muscle up. Everybody works for it with a training program in hand. Training programs track your progression in specific goals. Manage the sets and the reps that you muss be following to reach your goal in a certain period of time. Make sure next time you hit the gym have a plan and you will get results.


Managing their food intakes is a matter of self knowledge and making the right choices at the right time. The fittest people have a plan to manage regarding their food. They decide what to eat and when. If you want to manage your food intakes you make a plan. Personal trainers and coaches will make a nutritional plan for you in order to reach your goals and make it a lifestyle of it.


Enjoying training is the best motivator ever. You make choices, you either adopt a positive attitude towards your training time or you don’t. The difference is the mindset. Whining around it only makes it difficult for you and drains your energy. Next time you pull a heavy deadlift you think you are giving the best no matter what. You know yourself and your limits. Fittest people from your gym will never give up and knows when to step back for good.


Have Fitness rituals means your fitness activities is part of your active living, like brushing your teeth in the morning and having your breakfast or lunch. I adopted several fitness rituals from my beloved one and coach. Get up in the morning and detox your body, detox your mind.  Wake up with a goal in mind and not only with check list.


Make their Fitness and Health a lifestyle, these two are at the first and second priority list or at least a the first five priorities. Every thing is thought around it. Weekly schedule will be 3-5 Trainings with food preparation based on health needs.


Keep their joints mobil and strong is part of the fitness habits from the fittest people on your gym. They make sure to warm up the joints before any training and cool down and stretch after a hard training session. The fittest people do have in their fitness plans a flexibility training program to follow to support their progress and goals and health.


Sleep well help the hormones to reproduce, muscles to recover and mind to rest. Constant stress in the body and mind can influence positive until a point. Make your to sleep well and make it your habit as the fittest people.


Keep the goal the goal is what the fittest people from your gym do. focus on the goal with adaptations during the journey is what build and shape a fit body. So remember to keep the goal the goal. I like Dan John’s, well know strength coach, philosophy and well of training. I learned and build my strength on keeping the goal the goal. Give this one a try if you want to step further into their fitness game.

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