Happy spring days

Oh Spring! I never thought that I will be enjoying so much of these shinny cool days, coming from a 11 months hot place I cannot  remember getting these change of weather feelings!

This pic I took last weekend after we trained for 2 hours MUSCLE-UP and HANDSTAND,… we were ready to jump in the water!…Actually my hubby was ready to take a cold, I mean really cold swim in the white crystal water. I managed to cross the river without any tear coming out of my eyes because of the freezing water! I have become so brave since I saw a one year old kid standing for more that 10 minutes in this water…So I have to let go my warm mexican caribbean water memories and ENJOY what life with nature brings me.

Formula to have HAPPY SPRING DAYS:

Take your greens.- I mean in any form, if you have no time or desire to JUICE or BLEND your green then get your super ALGEAS on.

Do your Workout.- Whatever your training is, take time to fit your body, the one that cares you around, he deserves a daily care ckeck 😉

Create your days.- That means, be aware of what much you can do to cease the day. Control freak? then,

Create your attitude.- that means, be aware of how much you are RESPONSIBLE for your own succesful day ;).




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