Hello Monday (Summer workout routine)

Hello Monday, I am so happy and excited to be back writing again.

These weeks have been amazing.  Actually, Monday has been my fav day of the week because it’s the beginning of a whole, the beginning of something to come, it reminds me that there is hope in what I do. Normally I take Monday to work on what I have to accomplish during the next days, and my hubby always gives me space to do it so 🙂

This Monday I wanted to recap the weekend; this saturday and sunday I worked at the organic farm & winery. I always have a lot of fun because it allows me to express my country side & I get to practice german… uff…but also is a lot to do standing on my feet. So I decided to do some training & practice before hitting to work 😉

Here is what I did:

1) 2-hour Ashtanga practice. Giving time to my practice is always a reward, after that I feel so alive but also sometime I feel more heavy that my whole training! haha…

2) Sprint from 400 meters to 100 meters. You guys have to see the landscape where I run & jog, it is just breath taking…actually breath giving with the pine trees…

3) 10x 5 bw pull-up. Oh yeah, naked skin sheep (internal joke between hubby & me) That the freedom I have, to train naked if I want to and nobody says anything because is so quite & hidden our training place that we are the one making wired noises :/

4) 15×10 bw dips. Ok, only because I had no time to finish my whole workout we had to be creative at the kitchen and improvise dips between tables…added so much laugh & smile between the kit’n team 🙂

5) 10×10 legups same same, using what we had on our hands, we place our body between tables so we can perform our sets 🙂

summer workout österreich

sumer workout wien

sumer workout

So I tell you, there is not excuse at all to skip training or practice…it’s really our minds that mess with us…Like guruji said: “everyone can do (fill in the space), only the lazy one cannot”- Hello and happy Monday to you all!

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