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Today is holiday in Austria…again. A perfect day to write about what I think it will be the best holiday idea to spend on: WELLNESS. Last time I checked in to one of the most well known Fitness Clubs in Town.

holmes place hütteldorf wien

I spent my whole day taking care of my body and mind. I tell you, the time flew by training, practicing yoga, drinking green smoothies, chilling, swimming, relaxing at the sauna, and more chilling.

I love big and open spaces that is why Holmes Place Hütteldorf was my choice. Me, with a background of heavy lifting fast (aka crossfit) I enjoyed the space where I did my deathlifts, pullups and rows with kettlebells. Ok, I have to say, there was no woman in the weights section at least during the time I did my training. I kind of felt spoiled but hey what is a wellness day without a bit of this. The fitness trainers were around to pick up the stuff you leave around, of course I put everything back as a good crossfitter, even though, my coaches were not there to tell me 25 burpees for leaving the mess.

locker room hütteldorf

After training I decided to do one hour of ashtanga yoga practice, I chose one of the studios they have. They allowed me to use it for my own private practice. I went with the practice practice flow and I ended up greasing the joints for around an hour, the calm that I get after every yoga practice refuels me with energy to follow up with my daily schedule. Wellness is all about balance what is unbalance with the body and mind. The whole purpose of taking a holiday as a wellness day is to take care of what it hasn’t been taken care of because of the rush daily living.

holmes place hütteldorf

I have to say, I stayed long minutes chatting on the lockers, again, what a big space they have, I felt totally warmed and happy to enjoy it. Right after I finish drinking my delicious fresh green smoothie from the bar I change my yoga/training clothes for the swimming ones. to be honest, I am not a fan of the water, as a child I was so much in the water that I guess I had enough, besides I do not swim properly. I need some basic swimming classes though. Growing up in the dessert, swimming was once or twice a year for the spring or summer holidays. No more than that.

wellness day hütteldorf angie fliehser

The moment I put my big toe on the water was freezing for me even though it said 30 degrees. I really laughed so hard on myself. It took me 15 minutes to convince myself to jump into the water. Yes I have hot latin blood but it was not enough to feel warm in the water. I played around with the high as I am one meter and a half tall, yeah, I am little. I made myself stay as long as I could because I have the believe that I should be expose to what I am not comfortable with. Life is not a comfort zone, it is full of surprises, so it is healthy to spice up my body emotions. After that I went to enjoy sauna in the woman’s section. Been relax I felt it was time to finish my wellness day and go home.

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