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Today we talk about glute activation with resistance bands. I took resistance band training seriously when Bret Contreras put them on the spotlight. The first time I used them was after a visit to the physio and it was to open up my shoulders. After that, I left them aside. It was until last summer when I looked for some bands to take to the Caribbean vacation with my family. We do have a bag full with home training gear for these occasions and right under the gymnastic rings and the magnesium I found an easy to travel resistance band.


Let’s understand what is glute activation and what it is good for. Activating the glutes is more than building a round strong booty, but it gives you POWER: Power to kick, power to spring, power to throw, power to lift heavy stuff from the floor.

The glute muscles become dormant by sitting to much. The hamstrings get longer and the hip flexors shorter. What do you do with inactive buttocks and unstable core? Not much if you want longevity health or to progress in your sport. These for me are reasons enough to reclame the power of our glutes!

To activate them mean to isolate the gluteal muscles and deactivate the hamstrings and quadriceps while working them out.

The gluteal muscles are a group of three:

Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Minimus.

The resistance band training is great to activate your glutes while you are at home, yoga studio, personal office or in travel. It totally serves you to build core stability as well. Besides, it is totally practical to carry in a bag and they are not heavy or expensive at all. To be honest, I have a band and a tennis ball always in my bag, in case I need to work on my strength and mobility on the go.


The best part of the Bemaxx bands is that you can either choose the tube bands from the kit: Red: 22,7kg, black: 18,1kg, green: 13,6kg, blue: 9,1kg, yellow: 4,5kg.

It comes with a door anchor and foot straps. And it depends in how heavy your workout training that day will but, basically you ca use different bands for different exercises.You can find them here.

If you opt for non tube bands they also are available in different options: Red 8-16-kg, black 12-24kg, violet 18-36kg, green 22-54kg, 28-80kg.


If you are ready to perform your lower body resistance training routine, activating your glutes is a good way to prepare for the coming exercises. Choose medium weight bands.

If you want the activation to continue the training then choose heavier bands for stronger glutes.


Combine these kick backs and side leg raises with this workout and let me know how it goes.

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