Kinstretch: Upper body CARs routine

A neck, thoracic spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist controlled articular rotation as known as kinstretch CARs mobility routine in a seated position.

This option is when you lack of space and are running out of time. You can use the routine as a morning daily practice or as a warm up when you train your upper body.

So what are controlled articular rotations? and why should they be used as a mobility training routine?

This special way to practice rotations on the body is conducted by special cues that are very particular and specific. It develops mindful movement in my opinion. So if it is the first time you explore this Functional Range Conditioning practice I will suggest to contact your local provider for a professional lead or contact me for a further questions, I will be glad to direct you or support you on your mobility journey.

First of all, this practice is held in a body tension level, the reason of this is to isolate the joint that is been practiced and is focused in increase its range of motion. This tension is called in kinstretch training as irradiation. First cue you will hear in your first practice.

The goal of the CARs daily routine is to maximize the range of motion of every joint. The irradiation will be about 10 to 30%. If you use the routine as a warm up or part of a kinstretch training the level of tension would increase.

To answer the question why it should be used as a mobility training routine?

The kinstretch FRC system method focused in the health of the joints, in the longevity, healthy joints for long time, moving the joints in a healthy free pain matter access as an anti inflammatory and rehabilitation tool.

Another instruction that is giving besides irradiation, when CARs are practiced is to make the greatest, biggest, HONEST circle/rotation. That mean the goal is to make honest circles not the biggest circles.

Upper Body CARs routine:






To learn more about this kinstretch mobility routine practice contact your local provider or join the strength in motion group training.


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