Let’s talk back pain & foam rolling

Since more than a week my body have spoken to me. I wished he have said: let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me…lalala (yeah Salt N Pepa 1990♫) But nop, he said: Let’s talk back pain and foam rolling.

foam rolling af

In my short period of training I have been hurt 3 times. I would like to point out the common scenarios when it happened:

1) overlook self coaching

2) emotional stress (press myself over the limits)

Choosing to do stuff alone does not mean that I can do it better or faster. One thing is believe in yourself, in your strengths and another is been ego-like I need no one. I agree with Dan John when he says get a coach, he/she will make you do stuff you might would have passed aside or will never think of the possibility when you train. Same if you practice yoga or martial arts, find your teacher (master). About the emotional stress, if you are not at the moment, moment by moment is easy to fall on the old habits. why do we train in the first place? training is like meditation for me, I know a lot of you will agree. And baby, I have meditated; buddhist meditation, ascending meditation, chakra meditation, transcendental meditation, vipassana meditation, you name it. But apparently I was not in a meditation mode because my body noticed it and told me right away…ehh…mmm excuse me: darling you are hurting me…


I coached in a state of back pain because I ain’t no quitter. Afterwards, I went to the doctor for immediately check out: “Stay at home, but don’t stay on the bed you have to move” he said. What the effing does that mean? What do I do in the meanwhile? Well I decided to help myself. I went full on foam rolling twice a day and I booked a personal craniosacral massager at holmes place.

I found time to sit down calmly with myself and ask what the effing were you thinking? this is way to much pain. Ok ok, what I really did is some home work and used my brain since I couldn’t use my body.


Foam rolling is a simple and cheap way to soft your tissues called myofascial release. By pressing your trigger points (points where you feel the pain) for a while it will release the tension allowing you to heal and recover.


when you have muscle soreness

to prevent injuries

to recover

when you have stiffness/tension


increase blood flow throughout the body (help diminish cellulite)

increase range of motion

increase mobility

increase flexibility





office guys and girls

actually anyone who has tension


massage with your roll on your calves, back, quadriceps, neck and of course your Iliotibial band

avoid joints, bones and lower back, you might massage the muscles around.

best result when you use it continuously

Foam rolling can be a helpful tool to heal your pain. It doesn’t mean that will replace your specialist doctor or physiotherapist. By the way I know a great physio in Vienna, in case you are looking for one, he fixed me after seeing me walking in to his office in my last back pain.



My body have spoken to me. I wished he have said: let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me after the Salt N Pepa song. But nop, he said: Let’s talk back pain and foam rolling. I am glad we have talked and I have heard him. And you? how is your journey with physical pain?


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