Meditation: A range of possibilities

If never have had the experience of meditation and want to but do not know how to start and which style is the one for you, continue reading maybe my own experience can give you a glimpse of where direction to take. If you are an expert in a specific style and are open to practice different meditation possibilities, great.



When I say mediation, a range of possibilities, it is true, you can choose from different schools and philosophies; I know we live in a fast western world, and we are expected to deliver until there is a point where either the body or mind says stop, mostly the mind is the one who gives a signal but we deny it until the body screams. Then, we go to an uncomfortable process of healing and detoxing the mind and body. The first time I went into meditation was by focusing on the colors of the chakras; it was in Mexico city 20 years ago. I started to slowly read holistic new age books and I got more and more interested in the topic. After I had my first meditation practice with the Ishayas, I followed Dalai Lama in Mexico city and took his 7 days course. One of the best experiences to meet his holiness. Then, I finally found about yoga meditation from different schools.

What is important here is for you to find out what fits better your lifestyle, when and how to practice. When you feel connected to the practice, we all have different lifestyles and different stages in life. What is yours?


Lately this is my kind of meditation, moving, being, no mind, one with everything by moving my body, by breathing. You can find this movement more and more, try tantra meditation from Osho, what about the liberation dance or movement therapy?

I know how good is to be in nature, climbing, tracking, biking, any kind of open door sport, to receive the life force from the trees and still we decide to stay at home resting and working on the next work project. But do not hesitate to take the chance to experience this 2 ways ways of meditation to observe the mind, to be connected to the inner world. Maybe to make a commitment is all it needs to step into a different magic world of ourselves as a whole human.

Video: Markus Haas


I wanted to share with you a very effective meditation tool from Kundalini yoga which is called: Ego eradicator. It is a 1-3 Minute meditation to unblock the energy stocked in the body and mind. Ego eradicator from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


Get into the pose with neutral attitude, sit in easy pose and raise your arms 60 degrees, roll your finger to the base of the hand, relax and roll your eyes to your third eye and start breath of fire for about 1-3 and you are set to go!





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