Mobility routine: I feel alive when I move

I have a spine I move it
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I just watched Ido Portal’s just move movie by London Real TV and by watching the practices and listening Brian narrating his perspective I felt connected. Suddenly, eureka, I felt again: This is it. I remember the first time I talked to Ido, he gave me an interview that obviously he guided and made it valuable. While we were talking, he asked about me and my life. I still remember his face when I said; I feel alive when I move, when I train actually, I was trying to communicate to him what I really meant in those words: Thanks to the training I was still alive and haven’t done any harm to myself because of depression. But if I had have mention that lil detail our conversation would have turned in another direction and I wanted to know more about that man, my husband invested so much and believed in.

We continued to talk and he asked me about my partner relationship and he again made a face when I said; I have to re adjust my way of reacting moment by moment; pointing out that the relationship was challenging enough that if I have not done that  it wouldn’t have worked.

I know these life words resonate on Ido because the movement culture is about that, about isolation, integration and improvisation. If you want to survive in this life, it is all about that. And you know it.


Well, we can educate as long as we want, get as many titles as we want, education is the first step, I believe, education is a tool to put the puzzles together at some point. Educate yourself he said in the interview I did with Ido back in 2014.


Move because you have a body- Ido Portal

This part is the one that for average persons with a non active body might not get it or they get it but the list of priorities are different. But I would like to ask: Who’s priorities? Personal priorities or someone else bigger priorities. Who does really has the control of your personal priorities? the family? the job? the career, the brands? the doctors? the gurus?

I learned long time ago that to have authentic priorities, one must know itself. I feel the urge to re adjust my priorities and do a check up often to make sure I am where I would like to be.


Every movement might have its limits, and when those limits are based on fear, that makes the movement not to express itself. Our limited minds in the pursue of protecting, make it challenging to see beyond. How many times we need to break the jump (the fear) I believe most of the time this breaking is a more less a life/death life episode. If I talk about myself I had to go to the limits, to grow I was pushed against the wall to gain physical strength and to finally DO something for myself and contribute to others. I had to literally have no food, no money no love but only my body. It was the struggle that moved me forward. Break the fear is part of the master key of human movement.

Video: Markus Haas Studio: Evo Fitness


Since I attend Ido’s Motion workshop in Vienna, I haven’t stop doing the spine waves, when I heard Ido saying you are old as your spine, I figured I had to take care of the spine and all is around to protect, to stabilize, to move.

I have a spine I move it- Ido Portal


Embrace the chaos that life brings to you. I just loved this when I spent 2 days embracing and improvising in Motion. What I found out was my poor movement and strength in organizing my body while embracing the unknown.

I feel alive when I move

I have learned tons by listening to Ido over and over, having second, third hand and little first hand knowledge from movement culture practices. I close this blogpost with a strong statement from one of Ido Portal students: Pascale Noa Bercovich,  an Israeli film director, journalist and paralympic athlete. She said The real disable people are the people that do not move, I have the feeling that I have to move for those who cannot move.


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