Impressions on Ido Portal’s Motion

Last Sunday, by this time, I was almost finishing an amazing 16 hours of self-rediscover and movement practice. I attended the first Motion workshop in Vienna by Ido Portal and his team.

After a year of the Corset Protocol I was ready to digest more information about my body, movement and myself. Ido Portal is an amazing movement teacher and I cannot be more grateful to the universe to have had the opportunity to attend. In this time of my life the event found me in a different training situation, a flexible training program and in a flexible nutrition plan, meaning that my goals were simply to keep my basic strength and mobility, which were tested in the assignments.

These 2 days I listened to Ido and Odelia Goldschmidt‘s comments with all my been. I didn’t want to miss any moment of information or experience, I hold my pee until the break, and I ran to the toilet and back to not miss anything. I paid attention with my ears, mind and soul.

The 2-Day workshop definitely exposed my body and mind to discover ways to heal my spine and the rest of the body, to open again my heart, yes those T-Spine extensions made me sweat. Motion moved some fibers deep inside and that is why I am writing and sharing my own personal impressions:

Movement patterns. Patterns will rise when you move. In my case I saw a lot of Turkish get ups patterns raining while standing up, a lot of capoeira moves while scaping from an obstacle, half bridges from yoga, and so on. So yes, when the workshop description says that it will reflect lifestyles and beings, I totally agree.

Isolate + Integrate + Improvise

Observe the nucleous. Observe, explore and get stronger. The core of your been can be influenced, affected by external events and internal perceptions. To let free, and let work from inside out will for sure heal, recover and rehabilitate your body and mind.

Use the 5 senses to find the sixth- Ido Portal

Clumsy no more. Coordination was a huge part of the 2-Day movement practice, emotions rose while doing the new movements, my mind was full with thoughts about me been uncoordinated, images of shame came. Those moments when I was not able to follow a dance or capoeira sequence, or follow a simple workout routine. Mainly I suffered, but all that went away when I continued to move to the point of an meditative state.

 I cannot be more grateful to learn from the best team, Ido, Odelia and John Sapinoso gave us all. My impressions will be that, only impressions, what I, we do with the body will be beyond.

Movement is not only a trend, it is one more than that, it takes awareness to look to the content and not the container.

If you want to attend Ido Portal’s workshops visit his facebook fan page, get involve in his Movement Culture facebook group, check out his online coaching or if you flirt like me with the idea to train at Ido Portal-Israel gym go for it. Featured image by Ido Portal.

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