My Impressions on Movement Therapy: The Ilan Lev Method

The first time I heard about Movement as a therapy was more than a decade ago when I met a great altruist woman who was doing a project in the city I used to live in the north of Mexico. She talked about the five elements Movement Therapy and shared her project which it was dedicated for seniors. I had my first semi private experience thanks to her and I felt great letting go and liberating. Years after I met a very special and warming chilenian woman who visited my hometown and we agreed to organize a day movement therapy workshop, again it was liberating, maybe that is why she decided to call her dance movement therapy, Liberation Dance.


A movement therapy promotes physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well being. Its main purpose is to facilitate body’s range of movement. It is created to bring wellness to the body focused on balance, strength, and flexibility.


Those who want to improve athletic performance, heal joint injuries, have longevity, quite the mind, increase awareness, self-nowledge, and so on.

To understand more, movement therapy is been developed in the West and East of the world. The West side is been developed by the dance industry to prevent injuries or recover from them as well as treatment for diseases that cannot be cured. The East in the other hand has developed several art of practices such yoga, tai chi or martial arts all based in prolong life and increase wellness and fitness with it.

Te Ilan Lev method was created to fulfill these needs. But in a different way, at this method, you do not intentionally move, it is more than a passive way than an active. It is a reactive way sort of say. Ilan had created 3 main pillars in his method, which are:


The relationship between body and mind is a functional pattern where could be healed.

“The practitioner, while moving the patient, registers new options of functioning through the patient’s body, directly into his mind. The human mind can then turn this information into knowledge, and make use of it.”-Ilan Lev method


Movement is life itself.

The Role of Movement in Treatment is “sending movement through, lights-up our body. As if we sent bright light beams to light up dark areas. It improves blue-prints of unresolved body areas, and lights up functional issues. Movement is like radar waves re-sketching the surface and functions. As such, it is a unique treatment tool. There is none more effective.”-Ilan Lev method


According to Lev, the session therapy is oriented to the skeleton.

“Sessions are held fully dressed, patient lying or sitting on a proper therapy bed, and the practitioner slightly moves him in different practitioner fashions and directions. The process requires great listening skills by the therapist, as he searches for the natural beating of the patient’s body. This beating would be the only one which doesn’t bring the patient to any conflict during the session, and gives him new information regarding his body and functions. It serves as a better basis for his decision making system and his performances dramatically improve, in a way he never new before.”-Ilan Lev method





Now you can have this amazing therapy in Vienna with certified practitioner Stefan Prowaznik. I had the opportunity to experience the benefits of this method and felt great. The first minutes I started to feel how my body energy began to move. I was peaceful and open to received the benefits. Since I had a piriformis syndrome that has caused me a lot of daily pain for almost 2 years I heard Stefan, former ashtanga yoga practitioner had been in Israel and came back with interesting method well known in the dancing community. Fanny thing was when we had the appointment for some reason I didn’t have anymore this daily pain in my lower body with sciatic symptoms so I had a different level experience. I might say an emotional one where my body remembered me that I am energy and I am more than my body and thoughts.

If you have herniated discs, back pain, bones and joint injuries, give this method a try and contact a certified practitioner in your local area. I thank Stefan for his images and the amazing session.

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