My Summer Sports Routine

Summer is my favorite season in Vienna, I do not mind to get burned and sweat like a pig in the hottest days or get wet on the rainy days. Summer means outdoor training, means sometimes bodyweight training or stone weight training. This summer has been very fun and new in finding other ways to keep my body active, moving and strong. This year I meditated in what I wanted to have as new experiences. And martial arts have been part of this year training. I reordered my priorities in order to accomplished my fitness and soul goals. My summer sport routine has shaped into the next.


CAPOEIRA If you follow me you know I got hooked with martial art Capoeira this year. I practice and learn this amazing and fun, sometimes frustrated if you are a hard head like me, 2 times a week. Officially it is one time but if you want to learn and develop skills you have to do it at least 3x/week for me has to be as often as possible because my old hip extensors injury makes it harder, it is stiff in the left leg, so I have to have a clear mind and positive attitude not to lose it when I learn it slow, it is hard in balance and coordination but is worth it. I am proudly carrying my initiation belt that I got at the Capoeira Summer Camp 2016. My first belt from my first martial art.

KICKBOXING got my attention after sponsoring a MMA class to the Live Healthily Ever After girls who participate at the #Fatlossproject this spring. Since then I wanted to get the feeling what is like to be a fighter. My grandfather was a boxer back in my home town when he was young and I always heard someone screaming at him when he was on the streets. “Ave Negra” was his nickname referring to Black Raven.

BRAZILIAN JIU-JIUTSU This martial art crossed my life when I was giving Yoga in one of the best Fighting Centers in Vienna. Bjj coaches and students joined in time to time. Since then I was invited to join them for a BJJ sesh. This year I made myself time to have a lil taste of this amazing martial art with the fighters from Alpha Academy. They offer BBJ for women. I had a blast and promised to come back for more as soon as my Capoeira trainings do not overlap BJJ.


STRENGTH TRAINING AT THE MONKEY BARS Pulling and pressing/pushing together with squatting, carrying and hinging is what makes the body basically strong. I train 2 times a week as well and when I am not exhausted from Capoeira I add one more day.


HIKING ON THE RAX is something I do only in summer at our place in the beautiful countryside. We, the Fliehsers, hike 1-3 hours  at least 1 time per week, it is a great ankle joint stretch.


YOGA is part of my warm up and cool down/stretching after training routine. Either martial arts, strength training or cardio, I make sure I hit some poses before I declare my training as accomplished.  I reduce my personal practice to 2 times a week as mobility/flexibility training but I make sure that yoga is reflected in my daily life.

my summer routine fit yoga vienna

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