No, I don’t do cardio

No, I don’t do cardio is just a another way for me to say I am to lazy to take it to the next level. If you are one like me who cannot get rid of those fat bums but refuse to leave the seasonal food that nature and maybe food industry offers. Welcome to the club!

Time to get real here. I have heard this phrase in some guys what consider themselves athletes. And I heard, “No, I don’t do cardio, baby” and for me that is kinda a turnoff. I mean we can choose our trainings and our goals in sports or fitness but separation is for me a form of denying an opportunity to grow as a person and as an athlete.  I believe we have enough separations in society that training and even yoga practice is just non sense. The way we train or practice yoga is the same judgmental attitude. We can be really bully about almost everything. Going moral and comfortable with the way things are will never give the change to flower as a human and as an athlete.

And every time I would say no, I don’t do cardio I will be missing the opportunity to give health to the body. As I said in my monthly newsletter I loose the opportunity to be innocent again and learn about my body and myself.

We can make jokes about the girls sweeting in the treadmills and make fun of kayla itsines workouts. As I say we can be all bully about it and mean.  But what is the benefit? I know been bully is part of growing up and testing your power and others limits. Don’t get me wrong but really? no, I don’t do cardio has brought me to my very first relay marathon, it has me brought to crossfit and it now has brought to capoeira. All of these ways have helped my heart expanded but I would have not known if I haven’t tried.

The term cardio means heart. That said, whenever you say you do cardio it actually means you are training your heart for a better health.

wall ball angie fliehser

no i do not do cardio angie fliehser

Let me tell you what I lose every time I would say no, I don’t do cardio:

The improvement on heart and circulatory functions

The ability to recover from intense exercises

The improvement in tolerance to muscular fatigue

The improvement of losing fat and getting lean mass

In case you are willing to give a try or you are already training cardio, here I leave you a very intensive out of breath workout that will for sure burn those bums out of ya!. Besides, if you are a runner, it will improve your performance and of course health.

interval sprinting cycle

If you think you want a strong heart and lungs, plus eliminate cellulite and perform better add cardio training to your regular workouts. But if you do only cardio, you might lose the opportunity of the benefits that any strength training program offers. Remember a balance nutrition has to support you. So, no I don’t do cardio is over at least for me now. Tell me what is your cardio training?

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