OMG no Kit’ch: 3 ways to keep eating healthy & being active!

It has been 3 weeks without kitchen.

That’s right, we are renovating the flat, happy to say but on the other hand, just picture dust & crap all over the place. Cooking tools are stored in bags. Spices, teas & coffee are on the sight, superfoods in first road.

It was a long decision to do so, but a vey quick one in choosing which type of kitchen we want to put in. The deal is that it took 2 weeks of working days to have the floor and the walls ready to welcome our new baby. What a release! Ok, wait! we have to wait 2 more weeks? That sums more than a month! What should I do in terms of eating properly? Once again life strikes me with more challenges.

Really, if you have gone thru the experience you know what I am talking about, it can be freaking crazy & expensive if you go out to much.

After running around the flat like a chicken without a head, I finally relaxed (ok, ok, I stay relax for 10 minutes before I get up-tight again) and found a way to stay active & eat healthy. Yes, I def have to give credits to my hubby who is always there to push my buttons & to take the best/worst of me.

1) One way to stay active is to use the tools you have around for your cooking & for your workout routines

I used bodyweight routines, yoga & meditation

Here is what a did to keep my body active while the workers were doing their job:

20×5 Pull-ups (if you have a door bar from hubby, brother or so, use it!)

20×8 Hindu Push-ups

Alternated day:

5×5 tuck jumps

5×5 lunge jumps

5×8 jump SQ

3×5 pistols

2×15 prison SQ

10×14 situps

And this is what I did to keep my food healthy with the use of the green life juicer, vitamix & a hot plate (the hot plate we started to use it yesterday because hubby remembered that we had one at the garage).

I continued actually to do the green juices but at the balcony, not very fancy but hey! it works.

I have been snacking a lot, raw cacao, goji beeries, ananas & cashew nuts. Besides taking algaes, bee pollen & moringa mix.

Making lots of matcha & drinking a lot of chai & green tea! my fav drinks…

Regarding food, we keep it simple, eating raw eggs, 2 actually when we had no hot plate, but now, cooking different kind of meat. Preparing salads: greek salad, mexican salad, mix salad, and so on. I have to tell you we still eat out but I try to keep it as healthy I can.

2) Another way is to use your creativity: make picnics: Indoor & outdoor when the weather allows it.

If you are luckier than me grill a lot: steaks, fish, seefood! yummy

3) Third and more important, plan, not only plan your meals, but plan how you would to have your new space.

I know it can be unmotivated to see everything in chaos, but It will help during these days of transition.

And you? how do you deal with the renovation stuff? I would love to hear some more tips & ideas!


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