Personal trainer gets personal

This week several events happened to me, a hangover, a dog bitten and a husband immobilized by pain. It sounds not fun right?

Well, the reason I want to talk about the topic, is because I want to get personal with you. I want to tell you that sometimes healthy stuff is not happening even for the personal trainers who are the ones promoting health and wellness.

These last days I encountered a lot of mental and physical stress. The first was supposed to be fun, celebrating a tradition from my culture called the “day of the death”. I danced like silly, I talked like silly and I drank like silly. And, I felt free to be just human, until I woke up next morning and I thought, omg what happened? I let myself go to much, and I was feeling tired from to much cerveza and staying awake late. And I found out my dog was bitten while he was taking his normal night run with hubby. I felt instantaneously a big headache so I went back to sleep and lost almost half of the day of my precious life! Next day, my hubby became severe back pain and couldn’t move at all. Stress, hangover and worry. I took 3 AFA algeas pills to balance all the acid that I created and after I emotionally went down I back up to act as proactive as possible, not easy when you see your beloved one been in pain. Why am I getting to personal if I am a personal trainer I am supposed to just motivate and share beneficial tips for health and fitness, right? I wanted to share with you these events because it is by these challenging events when we are tested to use what we have learned.  So how I got back on tract and in balance?

I remembered Tony Robinns famous quote

Rituals predict you

I thought ok I better get my shit together and use some tools I have learned from been a personal trainer:


Do not get personal means do not get attached from others actions or words, if you want to get more deep, I would say your own actions and words as well. Remember in moments of stress everything is very sutil and easy to get lost into the emotions.


Observe the scenario and choose wisely. It could be take time to notice that observation instead of panicking or getting emotional would be better approach to a successful solution.


Do your best and go for it, for a better living, less toxic and more productive life.

Because I was programmed to make a great #21move project for 3 weeks about balancing food and physical fitness to a way that we will help out body joints to stay healthy  and strong I had stay cool and produce the plans that you guys were waiting for. It wouldn’t be possible if I wouldn’t have used these tools. That is why today I wanted to get personal with you and let you know that been in a fitness journey will require more than going to the gym or avoiding meals that would affect more than support your fitness goals. Today my family is healing and I am decompressing lol. Today I know that I also need to readjust some behaviors to get what I like in life. And you? How do you deal with stress?

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