Power up your workout: Jump squats

Lately I am having jump squats for warm up to power up my lower body training since I have reduced it to the minimum. Even though jump squats could be a bit stressy and uncomfortable, they will always do good for you atthe gym or in your sport.


Jump squats are a very popular body weight exercise which you can choose to help you in your fitness workout routine or training program. Some consider jumping squats as a part of plyometrics. It challenges lower body and core mobility. It warms up the entire body. It is also considered an advanced jump variation.

Jump squats as a type of dynamic stretching and warm up improves performance in speed and strength sports such sprinting and high jumping. So consider jump squats in your training program if heavy loads follow.


It make your lower chain muscles grow. Shape and tones your thighs and legs. Improves balance. Improves stabilization. Think of strong pumped calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. It also will help in your digestive system. It will improve in clean up your colon.

Training jump squats will improve explosive hip extension which is a foundation of athletic movement. It surely will make your nervous system shock and muscles grow.


When you jump squat consider to focus in your hip extension and landing balance and put in second the high jump factor. Stick with the technique and remember to do in the best for every single jump squat that you perform. Foundation is more important, with lousy foundation comes lousy training. Stick to your program and do your best.

1.- Stand feet wide apart, knees in the big toe direction

2.- Inhale and contract your abs

3.- Exhale jump and extend your hips

4.- Land in a squat position and jump to continue your repetitions and sets

5 sets of 5-8

When you have passed the foundation level you can move on and add some weight to your jumps, you can add dumbbells that fit your progression. If you are not sure consult an expert. Having a coach by your side it will take you to the next level. So remember:

1.- Hip extension

2.- Check your technique on the jump and landing

3.- Breath



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