Skipping rope workout circuit

Skipping rope is not one of my favorites, why? Because who likes to feel uncomfortable, feeling like you are gonna die or your legs will fall apart or your heart is going to explote. I’m kidding! It’s almost Halloween. Well it’s kinda true though. You gotta do what you gotta do. Skipping rope alone itself is great as a warm up alternative if you want to get your metabolism going and prepare the full body for action. This time we will make a fun workout circuit skipping the rope. I remember taking for the first time a rope, it was a Crossfit rope because I was about to perform double unders for the first time, you can picture me like a sloth trying to jump and make the rope go under my feet 2 times! Of course things got better after many try outs. But… then I took my very first boxing class after my students asked me to participate in their sport. Of course I would do it so guess we started to train…skipping the rope, no surprise, the difference: one leg jump and 20 minutes non stop conditioning. After 5 minutes me jumping the rope with both legs because I cannot do one leg at the time, Yeap, Crossfit got me deep inside, I asked the coach how much longer, you can imagine my face after he answered and told me to start jumping normal. We had a full cardio workout before jabbing.

This skipping rope thing is one of the basic moves the kids learn to play, what a way of entertainment and fire all that extra kids have by nature. I don’t know I didn’t play that much jumping rope. In my neighborhood was more fun to play hide and seek, so we were running around and laughing like a normal crazy bunch of kids.

Now that we grew up we have to take skipping rope more serious either we work in an office or we are into sports. We need to get that booty moving.


I love the great benefits that kipping rope give, for starters it is a great way to get your blood flowing and your temperature raising. It is easy to do it and you only need a rope to burn some fat from your last Oreo!

Builds conditioning, works all your body, increases your coordination, improves your cardiovascular system, improves bone density, balance, agility and speed, develops explosiveness, increases breath efficiency, bulletproofs your ankles and feet.

Regular skipping rope practice will develop stamina, leg strength, agility and coordination, timing, quickness, and hand-eye coordination.


Core muscles, upper body and lower body


Obviously Boxing, Swimming, kick boxing, American Football, Tennis





Photos: Markus Haas


This skipping rope workout circuit will focus on your conditioning and core strengthening. Building strength in the upper and lower body as well developing the balance and coordination than one needs in daily basis for functional living. I took these pics in the Graben street, one of most famous and expensive streets of  Vienna.


I know sometimes you might get lost in your fitness journey or maybe you hit the plateau and need to get out of it. Choose always the warm up that goes with your training program, I wrote a post about how to choose your warm up moves, you can check it here. Most of the time I choose skipping or a tailored yoga flow.


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