Sprinting burns your fat, builds your legs, tones your abs and makes you happy

Sprinting is one of the most efficient way to get ride of fat and at the same time builds your legs and abs and… makes you happy.

You get alkalized and energized by sprinting, you get detoxed and the happy hormone is released. That is why there is a sense of oneness after your training. But leaving the holistic side, I tell you there is no secret that sprinting training is popular between celebrities to get quick in shape.

Want to get more specific and wonder which muscle part are been trained while sprinting your ass off?

  The buttocks are targeted, whole leg and abdominals. Actually the whole body is killing it. You feel your arm and abs when you sprint to your max.

Want to know the best of all?

The best of all is that after you have sprinted your body continues to burn fat, isn’t that great? Sprinting is part of our #21daysfatlossproject . If you are interested in been part of it sign in and start loosing body fat.

vivobarefoot and lorna jane outfit
lorna jane

sprinting angie fliehser

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Sport BH: H & M Leggings: Lorna Jane Trainers: Vivobarefoot Photos credit: Lemontrend

Want to try? Here is a Sprint Workout for you and Here is a HIIT Workout for you that you can alternate.

h&m Sport BH


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