Summer Yoga with Nice to Meet Me

The summer has arrived and with it, the celebration of yoga. We got to celebrate this wonderful season by practicing been present while switching from movement to staying still. Solstice days are magical, an opportunity to LET GO. Dissolve extra baggage into emptiness.


I partnered up with Evo Fitness to share two wonderful yoga practices dedicated to this special day where you get to say NICE TO MEET ME. Not only we had a vigorous yoga practice with all the variations but a time to meet ourselves thru others. What I like in these yoga practices is that you are in one room with others who you meet and greet, see them in their own yoga mats, with their own purposes and expectations from the practice. It is a bliss to be in a state of awareness, loving and giving, as a facilitator of a physical practice which mostly the practitioners seek, or not, for inner freedom, connection and peace.



Since I met David Swenson I enjoyed more the Asthanga practice, I know I can always practice what is available to me, I had once a conversation with Manju Patthabi Jois in how to combine ashtanga with crossfit, he said to me, at some point you will have to decide. Yoga is a daily practice and because I trained often with heavy weights I was always sore and sensitive to the extreme dynamic stretching when I practiced. That is how all my practices bacame to be with variations from the poses which make it easer for those who are beginners, developing flexibility and building their practice by cultivating the awareness. Mindful movement is what I look for.

The 45 minutes of yoga are a collection of sun salutations A and B, Standing and sitting poses with twists and inversions. You can take a look in how might look like here.

Studio: Evo Fitness Outfit: Nice to Meet Me


I got to test the new summer line from Nice to Meet Me during my yoga and movement practices as well my fitness routines with weights. The top sport BH has a beautiful white color and I love the details on the back with the knots on the straps. They hold my breast naturally and I never had to worry about itching or lacking support. The amazing leggings have a frosted and gloss look which makes me feel and look sassy on all my moves. It is totally light and I feel like a double skin. They also are particularly breathable with a slight compression effect for more muscle power, and with UV protection (UPF 50+) the best of all the are made from recycled fishing nets and garbage from the sea.

I am wearing a small size for the top and a extra small for the leggings.

The summer has arrived and with it, the celebration of yoga. That means outdoor yoga, movement flows and strength training at the parks! Wish you a wonderful summer.

– In collaboration with Nice to Meet ME




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