Sunday stretching: Warrior series sequence

Sunday could be a great day for your fitness stretching routine. This Sunday is all about been a warrior your own. We are warriors in life fighting for a better life, a better job a better self. These warrior series sequence is about eradicating your own ignorance and cultivating strength and courage. That is why I believe is a great sequence for your Sunday stretch. Great practice to charge with positive energy and build yourself strength.

The warrior I, II and III poses (Virabhadraasana I, II, III or A and B) are named after a hindu myth love story. And are used as a great sequence to built strength in the hips, knees and ankles and to built steadiness. This sequence will be practiced with integrity and focused in cultivating your own spiritual warrior.

The warrior series sequence will help you build courage to deal with life challenging events.

The warriors will develop strength in the legs, arms, and the core muscles.


Warrior I is a basic yoga pose. Learning warrior I is more than it looks. It helps you develop flexibility in the hips and helps you to develop a way to conquer your own weakness. You can learn how much alignment should be developed and it also prepares the shoulders and chest for backbending. Warrior I is used as hip and shoulder opener. To perform this warrior remember to be steady and keep your spine neutral, lower abs engaged. Breath 5 times.



I personally love ashtanga yoga standing poses where warrior II is met. I never felt so challenged by he feeling to be centered, rooted and been pulled in different directions from the arms.  Warrior II pose totally build physical and mental strength and flexibility. To perform it you have to center yourself in the middle and be aware to balance and coordinate your left and right hip, since one would be flexed and the other extended. Stay in the pose for 5 steady breath and use your middle finger to focused on, think of a meditative state. Then change legs and repeat.


Outfit: Nike Photos: Markus Haas


The last pose from the warrior series is a more challenged pose. It will request you to stay steady, coordinated and balanced. Use your strength to develop a unique practice. Keep in mind as well to keep your hip centered and avoid rotation while standing in warrior III.


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