Thrusters, laughs and post workout drinks

Yesterday I had such an amazing day. It was the last workout meet up from our #21daysfatlossproject. So we met up at the Triller Crossfit box for a WOD (Workout of the day) with coach Livia. We all made sure we were fit for the workout. Meanwhile my training partners took some pre meal and bulletproof coffee to get ready and fit, I made sure I would be hydrated and my muscles would be restored right after the workout.

If we want a quick muscle restoration after a hard workout we will need to have a perfect combination of proteins , carbohydrates, fats  and vitamins.

My bag was full with water, AFA algaes and the gym cold pressed juices version from Lilette’s to help me recover, restore and protect my muscles and connective tissues.

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cold pressed lilettes

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cold pressed post workout


The warm up of the workout was a conditioning jumping thru boxes, 2 times running around the building and then some precise running. Of course it was fun and stressy. We moved on with 1RM for strength (one maximum repetition) to follow with unbroken thurster repetitions divided in 27/21/18/15/12/9/6/3 in a period of 20 minutes time. The first half of the repetitions were really stressy, afterwards the intensity  slowed down to finally finish at 15:51. Second place of the group in my own weight scale.

Special thanks to the Triller Crossfit crew who made our workout fun, sweaty and fit.

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Cold pressed juices are the perfect drink after a hard workout.

I had four esencial drinks actually; one to quencher my thrust. Lilette’s made this special formula that consists of cucumber, fennel, lemon, ginger, green apple and matcha pulver. This juice provides important electrolytes to stay hydrated, green apple, fennel and lemon are rich in protecting our cells and even refreshing it with vitamins and antioxidants. In additional, ginger and matcha (green tea powder) gives an extra kick, since they have a protective effect on our blood vessels and the cardiovascular system.  In total, it cools down, refreshes and provides our body with valuable electrolytes and vitamins when we sweat to much, the days are to hot or we had finished a hard sport practice.

Second drink is all about recovery, it is specially made with hemp, avo, coconut water and banana. Hemp protein and avocado contains all the essential amino acids that serve to build and repair strained muscles from the workout. The banana provides the necessary energy, which requires the fatigued muscle, plus it is an important source of potassium, which helps especially in muscle contraction and therefore in the regeneration. The coconut water provides important electrolytes that are lost during perspiration as well as vitamins, minerals to support muscle building processes and tissue repairs.

After that I had my third drink to keep my energy level up for the day. This one I like the most since I kinda get the feeling I am having a meal already. Its ingredients are mango, banana, orange, oatmeal, superfood maca powder and macadamia oil.  This cold pressed juice is a post workout drink for the energy boost, vitamins and fiber . The maca powder supports the nutrients and the oatmeal contained therein is easily digestible and it shoots the blood immediately. To accommodate the fat soluble vitamin, Lilette’s made sure to add optimally a drop of macadamia oil to it.

Last but not least I had the pinky post workout drink for my beauty reasons. Taking after a refreshing shower the antioxidant cold pressed juice from Lilette’s brings back to you the youth. The mix of superfood acai, red apple, pomegrate, red grapes and lemon are an antioxidant bomb that you want to have. It anti inflammatory and supports the cardiovascular system, skin organ and hair.

What a great combo don’t you think? Thursters, laughs and cold pressed drinks made my anniversary day special and sporty.

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  • Thanks for the fun and great Experience! I loved the energy and the Support during the workout!
    Count me in for the next great Experience!

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