TUMBLING SKILLS: The roll over the shoulder

THE ROLL OVER THE SHOULDER | Tumbling skills and strength progression drills. The rolls are used in the Mixed Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance and Movement practices like Pakour.

This progression tumbling skills are part of the #organicstrength Movement Challenges.

Start standing or sitting on your heels or standing on your knees as I am.⠀⠀
Prepare to warm up the shoulders, neck and thoracic spine by extending and lifting your arms to the side with the palms facing the ceiling.
Turn your head right and turn the palm of your left hand down to face the floor, at the same time rotate your should inwards. Change sides executing same moves. ⠀
Turn your head to left and bring the palm of your right hand down facing the floor. Repeat each side 8 times and do 3 sets in total.

SHOULDER ROLLS PREP 3x5x each side forward and backwards.

From a seated position extend your right arm along with the same side leg. With a flexed spine roll over your shoulder of the extended leg landing on the foot of the extended leg, your other arm/hand will be used to stabilize you during the movement and protect your neck.

*Lean your head at the side and make sure you roll over your shoulder and not over your neck.

From a kneeling position place your right shoulder on the floor with your arm extended. Turn your head to the opposite shoulder and with the left hand support for balance. Go over your shoulders push from your bent leg keeping your spine rounded.

Whatever your sport is either martial arts, dance, parkour, gymnastics, the benefit of grounding is worth the play. You will improve your core strength and your thoracic and shoulder mobility, as well as the neck. The hamstrings will have build flexibility and after a period of time what it was out of your comfort zone will be the fun trick to do at your movement practice.