We all EVOlve

We all evolve. I started moving my body in a regular basis late in life. The most comfortable way to start was Hatha Yoga which is considered not really moving. I remember I hated running I would do it only at home in my treadmill.

When I arrived to Vienna I discovered I WAS MADE TO MOVE daily. Since then I haven’t stop.




Fotos: Markus Haas Fitness Studio: Evo Fitness

#EVOLVEWITHANGIE at Evo Fitness is an invitation to move with me in one of my favorite and most beautiful and functional fitness boutiques in the city.

I partnered up with EVO Fitness for a special code: FPS for you when you sign up as a regular member but the benefit of having to pay only 49€ for the sign up fee and the months of APRIL, MAY and JUNE.

Here are the FAQs for you since I have been asked a lot on my direct messages on Instagram.


You can become a member of EVO Fitness by registering through the website. On the top right hand corner, you will see a menu link ‘Join‘. If you click on it, it will direct you to the registration form. It has two steps; once completed you have officially joined the club.

During registration, you will be required to enter your credit card details. The card details you submit will be associated with your membership fee and will then be charged automatically through our system. You can check all transactions through MyEVO via the website.

Once you become a member at EVO Fitness you will be able to log-in into our client area, MyEVO. This will allow you to manage your membership – from updating your contacts and booking personal training, through to managing payments and credit card details. The quickest way to log-in to MyEVO is through the website https://me.evofitness.at/. To log-in you must enter the email address and password you provided during registration.

When joining the club, an initial one-time joining fee of 49€ will be charged. From then on, the standard membership fee is 49€ per the months of APRIL, MAY and JUNE, afterwards they monthly fee would be of 59€.

Your membership can be frozen for up to 6 months. You can unfreeze your membership at any time during that period. Freezing/unfreezing can be done by logging in to MyEVO. If you freeze your membership, you will only be charged EUR 10,- per month instead of the full monthly fee.

– In collaboration with Evo Fitness






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