Why you should build strong and flexible joints

For the guys that love to do sports might know why it is so important to have strong and flexible joints. For others it might still not clear or just do not care.

When I was in my early 20’s I believed that keeping a strong soul and learning to know about myself was what really mattered. I had no idea that also having a healthy body would support the mind and the soul to reach the inner peace I was looking for. In my university years I had enough party and experienced an empty feeling from the lost of my first love. I was to busy trying to know myself and the reasons that made me go into mind suffering. I forgot completely about  honoring my body by taking care of it. Until I went to my first yoga class. Thru yoga I got to know my body and my joints. Doing some stretching made me feel healed from closed energy and move a non active body at that time. For me, the stillness and peace was more important because I took my body for granted and I did not know how to get into sports.

Years after I got to really FEEL my joints and finally strengthen them thru kettlebell training, hard style, after that I realized how important is to keep them strong and flexible.

In this blog I enlist once more the benefits of keeping the joints strong and flexible. But first I would like to show a quick info about what a joint is and why is so import to keep them healthy.


The most interesting topic from my yoga teacher training or from my strength coach certification was always anatomy, hard to learn but always amazing to get to know our body functions.

The joints are the ones that hold our body; together with ligaments, tendons and muscles. They need to be strong and flexible at the same time. They are responsible that we can move however we want and to where ever we want to.


Your body joints will keep your body stick together when you are a grannie

Strong joints will save you from injuries

Flexible joints will move you freely

Freedom! Would be awesome to be a fit independent senior?

It reduces the chances of chronic pains




Leggings: Nike Sport BH similar: Even & Odd Sneakers: Oysho Photos: Markus Haas


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