Workout Wednesday: Ginastica Natural Austria

Ginastica Natural is a practice that combine Yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and animal movements. This method is been around  the world for almost 3 decades. Alvaro Romano is the creator of this simple and effective workout method that keeps your body yet strong and flexible. In Austria, Ginastica Natural is been practiced by physiotherapist Roman Pallesits who agreed to have an introductory class for the girls from the Live Healthily Ever After blog.

You can take your workout Wednesday to the next level with Ginastica Natural. As soon you get hold of one of Roman’s class you will get hooked.


If we are talking Ginastica Natural we are talking about core training, flexibility, conditioning and a lot of coordination. As soon as you start the practice you will start to using your core to move in almost all planes and axes. This keep your body greased and healthy. The demanding of body movement will help you on your fat loss goals and/or muscle tone. If you happen to have a yoga background like me you will start recognizing several… or a lot of yoga moves and flows in the Ginastica Natural workout routine. By the way, Breath of fire is there!


This bodyweight training has a great combo: Yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and animal movements together, that for me, is a great boost to our body joints. The flow that Ginastica Natural gives you is one of the top I know for full body joints workout routine.







Improves mobility, tones the muscles, improves endurance and conditioning, fat loss. You can do it any and everywhere. It will improve your sport performance: Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Skiing.Lifting.

If your workout Wednesday training routine is missing some fun, come and join Roman’s class. Every session is suitable for your age, level of fitness and mindset. I thank Roman for a great practice for my group. I just loved the idea that he has 3 session gratis in order for you to get to know more the practice, what it is and what does for you!

Move because you have a body. Move because you can!

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