Reasons Why you Should be Doing YOGA as a Fighter

Watching you lately and closely my fighter fellows, moved me to enlist some reasons why you should be doing YOGA as a fighter, the funny thing is that we all are fighters and even if you do not practice boxing, bjj, judo, muay thai, and so. You will be easily related to the list.


Flexibility: Definitely having a flexible body will help you in getting takedowns and defending them. Having flexibility allows you to have control on the fight. without saying it also avoids joint damages or problems with the spine as well as tearing your muscles.


Recovery: Practicing yoga will allow you to recover sooner after a strong training.

Range of Motion: Ok here is the deal, the better your hips and legs are warmed up, flexible and open, the faster you’ll be able to do a variety of different kicks and so. This goes to my martial art friends.

Balance: Having balance in yoga postures prepares you and teaches you how to deal with your body weight;  meaning you will be faster and efficient in shifting your weight allowing you to have advantage over your opponent. Balance and flexibility is what helped fighters win over the opponent.

Strength: Yoga is all about  lifting your own bodyweight. Holding your body in your practice like arm balance, hand balance, as well as twisting your body; it requires strength and flexibility. All postures demands core strength. That’s why you can see abs and delts in a yoga practitioner.

 Breathing: Last and more important, breathing technique will allow you to have control over your emotions and move you to a winning direction. Breathing consciously makes you powerful and keeps you focus. the more you learn and develop this technique the better your fight will be. Fear will transform in self confidence and will guide you to the direction you want to go.


Yoga is a tool if well use, you will see the benefits. So if you still having doubts how yoga can contribute to your abilities as a fighter. Come and drop by! We have yoga mobility sessions for you!

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