Yoga I’m breaking up with you, I have a new lover

Yoga I am breaking up with you, I have a new lover. It’s name is Capoeira. And I cannot get enough of it.

Lately, I have been feeling a bit stress about practicing yoga. I know and I always say to my students, there are stages in life where one practice or sport suits better to develop the skills life demand. Since I arrived to Vienna I found myself in a world where  I fitness, movement and healthy eating meet daily.

I met Capoeira after my longing for a martial art back when I was a kid in a town where no one knew about sports more than baseball games. The excitement of a new practice is like the excitement of a new lover. It feels full of life, everything is interesting and you give the best of you lol. I am looking forward for my new relationship with this unpredictable, fun, strong and flexible practice.

capoeira moves 7

Leggings: Nice to meet me

Top: Onzie

Photos credit: Lemontrend

capoeira moves

capoeira moves 1

capoeira moves 3

capoeira moves 6

capoeira moves 8

capoeira moves 4


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