Yuval Ayalon: Handstand checklist

Yuval has been teaching handstands in Vienna since 2014. Since then he has shared tools to help improve the handstand level of every participant from his workshops. Yuval also will emphize during the two days of intensive practice to have a Handstand checklist for the practitioner daily practice. This checklist will be a short list to have in sight in order to track the progress in a time frame. This check list is simple and important. It could look like this; The practitioner chooses specific alignment drills, practices how to mount and dismount from handstand, and will include one or two handstand variations picked from the workshop.


From specific warm up the wrists, shoulders, thoracic spine and forarms to total body animal walks, Yuval will surprise you with effective ways to combine your starting drills for standing on the hands.


The alignment drills to check on your list when it is time to practice are mostly the following that you always would hear from Yuval: Pointing toes, look at your fingertips, chest in, extended elbows, belly in, relax the neck. Remember that a handstand should feel effortless.


The main handstand variations that Yuval teaches in his workshops are: Full position, Tuck, Diamond and Straddle. The participants dedicate most of the time in improving the skills and practice in the details. The practitioners from the intermediate/advance workshop group take time and space to clear up questions, check the practice list and clean up details.

Last advices from Yuval Ayalon when practicing you handstand: Train your form and leave endurance for the end of your training. Keep the checklist on sight. For more information about Yuval on hands workshops click here.

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