Ankle Conditioning Routine

Let’s talk the importance of having strong and flexible ankles. This quick conditioning routine is focused in getting a strong connection between the feet and the core. A floor work training will always require of total body awareness, strength, mobility, flexibility and stability. This kind of routines will always serve the purpose and you can add them to your warm up or cool dow training.

SEIZA SIT – 3x10x

Begin with feet hip width apart and sit back into your heels with your toes flexed.

Pull your knees into a squat position.

Drive your knees back down to the ground and untuck your toes so they are in plantar flexion.

Sit back into your heels.


APE REACH – 3x10x

Start in a deep squat with arms reaching forward,  and down and internally rotated (so that the thumbs point down and back of the hands pressed together.

Fold forward (head in between arms).

Shift weight from heels to toes.

Extend the spine and externally rotate the arms as you switch to open position.

*Moves in collaboration with Tactivision and inspired by Mike Fitch and Greg Mihovich.

This special routine was included in one of the movement challenges and covered total body mobility flow inspired this time by the animal flow since Andrew is an animal flow level 2 trainer and I am an over all movement follower.

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