Mobility Flow for Desk Workers

Days ago I met up with coach Jakub at Evo Fitness to talk about human gait and human posture. After an hour of information exchange about nowadays posture and abnormal gait thanks to our current desk job lifestyle we put together a mobility flow for desk workers.
To go more into the subject, he checked my gait and posture on the plantar plate analysis to see how I was doing. Below you can see how my stance look, left foot seems to be strong on the stance and take more of my weight. We believe to contra balance what it is going on in my body. Also, it seems I have strong big toes and I tend to put my weight between them and my heels creating an internal rotation making my middle foot print disappear. (flat foot)

We followed up with several corrective exercises to help on returning to an optimum muscular balance.

Angie In Motion plantar plate check

In this time we went through the most common problem to solve zones from bottom to top, checking and suggesting a movement solution for each of them.

These zones are:
Pronation distortion syndrome, lower crossed syndrome and upper crossed syndrome.

We decided to share with you Jakob’s flow version and my flow version.

👣 Hip flexor stretch
👣 Deep squat
👣 Cat/ cow
👣 Plantar fasciitis/ thoracic stretch
👣 Hip/ Thoracic extension
👣 Middle & lower trap activation

You can make this mobility flow a daily routine when you have a break from the desk.

If you want to find out about your gait and posture you can make an appointment at Evo free of charge.

In collaboration with Evo Fitness

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