Movement skills: Frog hop and forward roll


FROG HOP & ROLL | Strength and Mobility progression. *Warm up your wrists and shoulders first.*


Start from a squat position and look forward. Place your hands with strength in a distance that you can hop to them. With your feet push your body and land either on the floor to land in your start squat position or land in your FROG STANCE.

Try different levels to find yours. If you are able to lift your hips over your shoulders go for it, land in squat position or CRANE POSE. Play with hopping the frog.⠀


SKILL PROGRESSION: If you are new to this move rock your body first. Lay down on the floor, bend your knees and bring them close to your chest, grab them with your arms, tuck to chin in and rock on your body back and for.⠀

When you finish rocking your body, take a tennis ball 🎾 or a sock 🧦 or anything that you will hold with your chin to your chest to perform the forward rolls and secure your neck.

ROLL: Begin by tucking your chin to check and hold it for the entire roll. Bring your head close to the floor and roll with the upper back, keep your body tuck and either land in a seated position or squat. Repeat.⠀

FROG HOP & ROLL 3-6 rounds

After you master the skill progressions you can start and have fun. From a squat position hop to a CRANE or FROG STANCE, from here roll on your upper back and land on squat or seated position. Repeat as many times you feel you want or master the move.

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