Pre workout warm up routine

The body needs preparation for the movements and more when we add extra weight to it. The blood should circulate, the body temperature must rise. Greasing the joints makes the movements go smooth and strong. Pre workout warm up is a must for every one who wants to be away from injuries and poor performance.


It reduces the risk of any injury, helps you recover from strong workout , prepares your body for a better performance

A warm up is part of your training program, it could be also called mobility training or preparation training for the main program. When you warm up your joint parts that are involved in your workout; your performance will be not only healthier but better if you are looking to feel stronger and sexier. If you are short of time make sure you squeeze in the warm up; there is no other way. Preventing injuries is always a wise choice, when we warm up we prevent poor performance and we take care of a proper technique.

downaward dog warm up


Full body warm up to increase your blood flow

Choose a warm up that meets your workout program

Choose a warm up that covers and improves your training needs as focus, concentration, technique, skills

There are different types of warm up; general warm up which is full body warm up to increase the blood to circulate for whole body. The temperature increases and reduces the possibility of injuries. The specific warm up is about choosing the similar biomechanics that would be used on your training program or workout in order to prepare the body for the coming exercises. For example, if you are training your upper body, then focus on choosing movements that involve the joints for that workout like shoulder, elbow and hand joints; or if your training program is lower body, same you will take in account hips, knees and ankle joints. And so on with the rest of the body. There is another type of warm up called passive warm up which actually is created by external factors like a hot shower, steam bath or massages. Athletes will benefit from this type of warm up. You can consult your personal coach or trainer for a better warm up choice.

upward dog warm up


The hardest the workout the longest the warm up. It could be between 10 to 30 minutes.

Here I share with you a pre workout warm up that I do every time for already 5 years before any   workout or strength training program.


I also do foam rolling in case my body is in pain as well as different type of yoga/ flexibility exercises for specific purposes. Cat cow is one of my favorites that I include in any flexibility routine. A pre workout warm up will give you the skills to improve not only your technique on the drills but also will give you the support to perform at your optimum. Remember this when ever you are in a rush and you are playing with the idea to skip warm up. What is your favorite warm up? Don’t you get bored from same warm ups?

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