Yoga for Crossfit and Weightlifting

I had the opportunity to share a YOGA FOR CROSSFIT workshop at one of my favorite Crossfit boxes in Vienna. Main topic was Yoga for Crossfitters and Weightlifters with focus point: better performance for the athletes on their WOD (Workout Of the Day) Since a lot of crossfit boxes have Yoga classes for a better mobility; we came up with the idea to have this introductory workshop to explain how this practice works perfectly with the hard training that crossfit offers. It is proven that after yoga practice the athletes have not only a better mobility but a better coordination and breathing technique.

How to have a better performance in your Crossfit WOD’s and Weightlifting training…?

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I started with an open question about the concept of the yoga word in each of the participants. I wanted to clear up this concept and make a better approach. We all have labels, maybe you have a label already on how the crossfitters look: tattoos and muscles? This labels can sometimes take you away from amazing experiences, in this case the benefits yoga for crossfit can give.

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We moved from there to giving some examples from famous athletes that have incorporated this ancient practice into their for crossfit wien 3

Soon to enlist 5 important points to consider yoga in your WOD’s & Weightlifting training :


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CROSSFIT: Overhead squat, handstand balance, pistols

YOGA: downward facing dog, warrior 2, pigeon

IMPROVEMENT: Hips and shoulders sternal rotation



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CROSSFIT: Olympic lifting, double unders, wall balls

YOGA: Use of the dristhi technique (focus point)

IMPROVEMENT: Balance and external and internal focus



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CROSSFIT: Burpees, box jumps, toes to bar

YOGA: Use of the breath technique

IMPROVEMENT: More power by keeping your rhythm and breath during long performance



CROSSFIT: High repetitions of pistols and cartwheels

YOGA: Tree or eagle pose




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CROSSFIT: Running, pull ups, heavy deadlift and push presses

YOGA: Dancer pose, half moon pose

IMPROVEMENT: Neutral spine position

Combining dynamic or static flexibility practice and adding yoga techniques like breathing and focusing will help reach your fitness and sport goals.

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Happy training and see you at the box!

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