10 ways I use coconut oil in my daily basis

Coconut love is in the air around the web these days. So I thought I might list 10 ways I have been using my coconut oil for the past 5 years. Just to remember lets check out the coconut oil benefits:


  • Anti fungal
  • Anti bacterial
  • Weight loss
  • Anti oxidant




  1. For cooking EVERYTHING.- I use coconut oil for cooking and grilling anything, steaks, fish, chicken wings and so on..I add always 2 to 3 tablespoons and voilá!
  2. For making green smoothies.- I add a tablespoon to my shake if I want to have a coco taste that day.
  3. For making cacao bulls or any chocolate cake.- I love adding what ever is needed to make a yummy sweet.
  4. For my bullet proof coffee.- I just put a tablespoon of coconut oil, some cinnamon to spice it up and I drink my coffee regularly in the mornings.
  5. For body and face cream.- I use a small amount of coconut oil to hydrate my skin. After shower or whenever I feel I need some fresh oil on my skin I take some coconut in my hands. I have to see of course that my skin absorb all of it before putting my clothes on if I don’t want to have stains on them lol
  6. As lubricant.- ok here you make your our conclusion of what I meant 😛 It is the best ever…
  7. Make up remover.- It works perfectly; when I remember to take my make up I use coconut oil instead any other cream or soap. Yes I know, when I was young I was diligent with my face care but now that I am an grown up I act like a teen. But anyway, I love coconut oil to remove make up.
  8. As a toothpaste.- Yeah that is right, whenever we run out of organic toothpaste I look for my coconut oil add baking soda and also…voilà!
  9. For cleaning up my scalp from dandruff.- normally I put a lot roundly scalp and live it over night 2 or 3 times a week.
  10. As massage oil.- It works perfectly and you can eat it or not 😉


Coconut oil besides reminding the beautiful palms on the beach when we are on tropical places, it gives so many benefits in one; weight loss, anti oxidant, anti bacterial. If you are practical like me all in on superfood is what I like.

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