3-BASIC intakes that totally bring fuel to our bodies!

Robert Urich

Our food intake is the most import and valuable thing we should not take for granted. If you have heard this phrase “You are what you eat” (Im pretty sure you have, lately is everywhere 😉 )probably it would make you think about what you are eating, at least for that second.

Let’s give a SIMPLE & BASIC close up in what nutrition is:

“…the process of breaking down food and substances taken in by the mouth to use for energy in the body…”-Wikipedia

How SIMPLE is that? Well not that simple when we have no clue what intake will bring ENERGY to our body.

So let’s then enlist 3 BASIC -supernatural- intakes that totally bring fuel to our bodies:


Blue-Green Algae are the most nutrient foods on earth: contain 60% vegetable protein, are a very powerful energy booster, have over 65 nutrients and are excellent source of B vitamins, contains a high concentration of antioxidants and have omega 3.

What all these means? It means taking daily AFA algaes will improve totally your energy, will make your immune system stronger, will help your liver to detox and will make your hair & skin shine!


“The food of Gods” is a nature’s #1 weight loss and high energy food! OMG these nuts really give a energy kick, have the most alkaline minerals (magnesium) so if you happen to eat regular SAD food (Standard American Diet) you will totally balance the magnesium deficit with raw CHOCOLATE, isn’t this awsome?

Besides, is a powerful mood enhancer nutrient, so if you feeling moody, stressy these days,  just take cacao, or make cacao truffles as snack to go 😉


bee pollen is great for quick exercises recovery, increases muscle growth and definition 😉 strength, endurance, energy and speed. These organic pollen also neutralize many allergies, help clear acne & is anti-aging-wrinkling assistant.

How to take it? I take one spoon after my daily workout. You can add it to your daily smoothies, musli, yogurt…

keep it SIMPLE & BASIC! all the best in your intakes!


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