Almond butter turned into Nutella

Hi guys! Yesterday I stayed home for some housy stuff and I came up with the idea to have some snacks so I could munch while working with the computer. I was craving some chocolate cookies so I went to the kitchen to see what we had that I could use. So I looked for an easy gluten free recipe and I found out that I needed almond butter for it so I had to make my own. In the process the almond butter turned into Nutella which I ate half of if before the cookies were even made, familiar?


For this recipe I used the following, if you are like me you can play with the ingredients a bit, but just a bit because it could turn nasty lol.


200g  Almonds 

2 Tsp. carob pulver

2 Tsp. coconut oil

2 Tsp. raw honey


homemade nutella


Mix everything on your food processor or vitamix for almost 20 minutes until the mix gets smooth and a bit liquid.

Enjoy with your favorite fruits or pancakes.



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