Brunching TCM at Marctstandl

Last Thursday I visited Marc Schweiger from MarctStandl organic shop & dine to enjoy a delicious TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) brunch because hey, let be food your medicine.

I met Marc and his famous yummy crepes in one of the Yoga Festivals in Vienna last year. I loved his homemade nutella and chai. Then I wanted him to cater Yuval on Hands Handstand in Vienna worshop, so he did prepare the delicious food for the 2 days workshop.

Marctstandl is a small place with a big soul. You can find it very local and eclectic. Here you will get superfoods and ingredients to cook vegan and TMC food at home.

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Angie Fliehser Marctstandl

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TMC food is made based on the 5 elements principles. Fire, water, earth, metal and wood are taking in account when choosing which food should nourish the body. These 5 elements exist in our body according to TCM and represent the 5 major organs of our body; been the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the stomach and the lungs. Just like in daily life one element is strong or weak from the rest. Bring it back to balance is what the Traditional Chinese Medicine is about.

I chatted with Marc and he explained me what is behind Marctstandl philosophy so hereby I give you a glimpse of it.


Marc felt in love with the Traditional Chinese Medicine food when he met his mentor looking for crepe ingredients at his shop, he wanted to do a vegan homemade chocolate. After that he became his pupil and learned how to cook TMC, road crepe was born.

He offers TMC breakfasts as well as ovo-lacto vegeterian food.


Road Crepe homemade nutella was done hundred times with different elements until it was created by Marc. So then Marcstandl was founded. He discovered that the TCM 5 elements are in Austrian cuisine as well, and decided to share that at his shop & dine.


Short said, because of ecological and moral reasons. Respect for the earth and our fellow animals.


Standing up for what you believe, live and love sometimes can be hard on the pocket. Start-ups always have to confront this matter and small organic shops and dines can stumble after the first years of establishment. Even though, thanks to popular people that is taking care of their bodies and souls; organic shops and dines survive when they get in the same boat where trendy way of living and eating is important. Marc is giving the best to keep his philosophy in every menu he creates and every food he offers at the shop.

He uses the least plastic and avoids having flying around the world ingredients.

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Thank you Marc for the warm welcoming to your kitchen and thank you Markus Haas for the great pics.


Meidlinger Markt, 1120 Wien

Are you into Traditional Chinese Medicine, veganism, vegeterianism? Come around and let food be your medicine.

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