Cacao Truffels Recipe


Cacao Truffels are my fav snack in a rainy day, these round cuties are so easy to make and are full of energy! No wonder why some people call them “energy balls”, but in this case are raw. You have to really watch out, one bite is enough or equals half of your normal piece of cake 😉 I have been making them since I went into rawfood in 2011, now I keep this Cacao Truffels recipe for moments where hubby wants a healthy sweet snack. So enjoy and let me know your special touch.


1 cup pitted organic dates

200g pitted organic figs

2 cups organic raw cacao pulver (cacao grounded)

2 cups organic walnuts

1 teaspoon organic cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon organic nutmeg

4 tablespoon organic raw coconut butter




Mix/blend all together in your processor/ vitamix, I used my greenlife juicer to press all ingredients and have a mousse like.

Enjoy your cacao truffles with your favorite drink (raw milk, chai tea, black tea, Curcuma coffee, your choice)


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