Food bucket list: Green smoothies

I am so excited to present my number #1 LHEA food bucket list post; I, like most of the people, enjoy very much food, I have been trying to put together my experiences in visiting amazing places in Austria, basically in Vienna and basically organic, local ones. I’ve chosen smoothies as my LHEA food bucket list #1.


We all get crazy about smoothies, fruit smoothies, green smoothies, all kind of smoothies. I make my own smoothies water basis, I have followed the Boutenko family and David Wolfe to get not only inspired on the recipes but also to get informed about the nutrients that a simple smoothie can offer.


Couple days ago I found an amazing and chic organic smoothie lab in the middle of hip Vienna, next to a very well known fitness club, close to the Vienna Wall Street and the OPEC!


We stopped by, we could not resist the beautiful design and well presented healthy drinks. We; the Live Healthily Ever After crew; as smoothie lovers, had to try all of them. We came in and the owner welcomed us with a warm smile and explained the ingredients. After having tasting them like real smoothies sommeliers; (why in the world this smoothie sommelier career was not offered back in the days when I was a bachelor student? It is so much fun that playing diplomat and analyzing the world socio-cultural and economical problems that I could never resolve… anyway,  back to the smoothies… We had to take all of them home.

The organic smoothies are offered in a way that gets really easy to order if you are in a hurry and cannot stay to enjoy the cool shop. There are organized by numbers from 00 to 06 and you can choose from berries to green veggies or some banana, nutty taste. They are empowered with superfoods as well. Smoothies are made by seasonal fruits and vegetables and,…for the coffee lovers there is organic coffee as well.


green smoothies angie fliehser

Eliment; name that comes from the owner and creator Elisabeth but also is related to the lab elements. The design is so clean and gives you a sense of freshness without feeling the cold that a laboratory can give, I just thought of my Chemistry classes when I was a teen.


The time passed quick and we found ourselves talking for an hour about blending, pressing and juicing, exchanging experience with our blenders and juicers. We happened to have same tools: Vitamix as blender and Green Life as juicer. We shared some thought about taking care of the juicers and telling each other what have worked for each other the best. It was an interesting relaxing time between tasting the smoothies getting to know each other and chatting about how important a healthy nutrition is for people either that is all day using their minds and the ones working out at the fitness club.



Photos credit: LHEA by Angie Fliehser


Another big reason why this organic smoothie lab caught Live Healthily Ever After attention is because it is eco friendly, they use glass bottles in their smoothies and care in give the best quality to the clients and that; we, as customers are always looking for.


Stay tune for the next LHEA food bucket list!




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