Food bucket list: Sacher Torte Von Walden

Today I had time to play city and shopped around with my beloved one. We visit some green shops looking for tracking sneakers and city sneakers at Terra Plana which is known for their barefoot shoes, then we went visit Grüne Erde for some organic clothes and home stuff. And we wanted to have some great food; we had 2 choices, one was either go the raw food restaurant or go to Von Walden Paleo Vienna shop. We had chosen the second one, we really like both, if you have extra bucks in your pocket you can get yourself the most delicious Paleo Sacher Torte (cake) that you find in whole Vienna.

paleo sacher torte

Photo credit: Von Walden

We visit a super cool food shop where we had the menu of the day! Von Walden is not only organic and pro Paleo diet but offers a very tasty food variety. The owner greeted us like usual and we quickly started a conversation about training, crossfit, and food! We had the most delicious gluten free Sacher Torte made of banana, marmalade, nuts and cacao.

Even thought the space is limited we always find a way to enjoy the meals. coffee latte and cappuccino were our choices.

Here are our impressions! Enjoy.


Photo credit: Von Walden

von walden

Photo credit: Angie Fliehser

von walden sacher

Photo credit: Angie fliehser

By the way you can order online the products from Von Walden here. And you can always check the menu of the day in their webpage. It makes it easier when you are on the way and are looking for a healthy restaurant, especially Paleo.

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