Food junkie: 3 signs and 3 ways to overcome it

Addicted to love song from Robert Palmer kept playing on my mind for quite long time, I remember hearing the song at the movie The secret where it was obviously shown what is going on the human brain when you meet someone and feel butterflies in you stomach.

Researches show that the human brain has the same “high” reaction to love, cocaine or junk food, recognizing the last one as even more addictive! it starts with an emotional need. Need to fill in a reward in the brain.


1) You cannot distinguish between hunger & cravings:

For those people that have no close relationship with their body might not distinguish when the body is asking for nutrients or the mind is asking to be rewarded.

One way to overcome it, is by been in the present for one moment and observe what is going on. Stress, depression, broken self-esteem play a big roll in our way of living, be alert and then feed yourself with powerfood and alkaline water to help yourself in overcoming these cravings. If you finish your training of the day then it will be the best time to energize yourself with your greens and/or your fav meat.

2) you eat more that you wanted:

In those days of holidays, christmas, mothers day, super bowls and so on, if you notice that suddenly you start eating all the snacks and left overs from family and friends, you just cannot stop eating, you finish your plate and the others? Well that might be call anxiety and wants to find its reward also. Junk food is an expert here, the are hyper palatable, that means they have the formula mix of salt, sugar and fats that are hard to resist. An example is a slogan which I grew up with; “A que no puedes comer solo una” (a bet you cannot eat only one) is a phrase and song made by a mexican chips company that knows how to sell its product. Once again the Food Industry knows our Brains secret and take advantage of it to make money!

A way to overcome eating more than you planned it, is when you finish eating your portion of main meal or snack, stay there for few minutes and then rethink if you are really hungry or it is gluttony. Well if you are catholic then you do not have to worry about this sin, right?

3) you are not you when you are craving:

That is right, been addicted to processed (junk) food you can do or say irrational things, I remember going after midnight for some greasy tacos back in my hometown taking the chances of the danger at night. Also I notice when I am working on the computer, I crave for something that will make me comfortable (quick reward) towards my demanding work. It just this feeling to put something in the mouth comforts me as much as I am working or studying. Do you have that feeling/behavior also?

If you still feel like you have your intakes in control or not, here is a quick test to make you think about how healthy are you eating. This in another way to overcome this undercover addiction.

It makes us good to create a life quality check 2 times a year to see if you are walking the path that brings you close to your goals. Remember that taking care of your health will be the best INVESTMENT ever. You have more energy to optimum performance as an entrepreneur, a student and/or an athlete.

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