Food tips: Meal prep like a pro

Do you ever wonder why your nutritional goals are failing? Why is it so difficult to make healthier or fitter choices? Dealing with long time unconscious habits could be one of the answers to your questions. It is a matter of conscious decisions moment by moment what makes your goals and plan to go along. Today’s tips is about how to become a pro in meal preparation and make easier your journey in changing the way your eat and drink to have better and fitter nutrition not only in a specific period of time but as a lifestyle.


Take your time.- Take time to think, feel and plan ahead. Think about what you would need to accomplish in fitness and personal life for the coming week. How many meetings will you have, how many fitness workout routines will you have, how much energy would you need to accomplish your week check list. Take your time to plan your meal prep during the weekend.

Use a meal plan.– Having a meal plan of the week gives you the big picture. Seeing the big picture would help you have a sense of what your body would need to balance out the stress. You can either take your meal plan with you or print it in your fridge available to see and remember what is to do next. You can get a 3-Day meal plan for 6 weeks HERE if you still haven’t decide what to follow or have no time to create the meals for the coming weeks.

Sunday Funday.- Because Sunday is a fun day you can use it for your food meal prep and finally create healthy habits that support your fitness goals. Get to the kitchen and start to make a fest. You will be so happy and feeling already positive and fitter after you done it. Believe me, nothing is more empowerful than having the the right feeling at the start of the week.

One funky word: Container.- Yes, a #girlboss is ready in the kitchen. I have seen different type of containers, for those eco friendly ones there are some cool stuff from stain and recycle. Here are some bamboo containers for example.

Get social.- If you like to cook in a group, call your fitness pal and get together to be creative and prep your meal plan. You will chat, have a cup of tea or coffee even wine and you will ready for the week. The more people involved the better. That means you are solid with your goals.

Re-use.- Yes use everything that you have, left overs are great to throw a casserole, and play all Ratatouille about it. Use your left veggies, meat, greens, you can either throw everything on the skillet or to your powerful blender.

What do you think? If you are an expert already, you have my respect, there is discipline, goal oriented, sees the big picture and do the steps in you.  If still struggling with the last cookie from the office every day!? Give it a try and find out the benefits of the meal prep. These food tips are simple and easy to do. If you need an excuse then join me and start next Monday with me in a 40-Day journey to establish healthy habits regarding your fitness. Workout and meal plan with me every week for 6 weeks! Are you in? Sign up now here.

See you around fitter foodies!

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