Food tips: Mjam Ubahn pizza plan

Vienna, the most livable city in the world for the seventh time in a row, has a great public transport connectivity. No wonder why the big delivery service Mjam in Austria, came up with a great way to offer Pizza to everyone living or visiting Vienna as easy as looking to the subway map.

Mjam together with 1000 things to do in Vienna launched the Mjam Ubahn Pizza Plan campaign. That means you can find the best pizzas in town and they offer also vegan, vegetarian and or gluten free options. In every subway stop line you will find a pizza, isn’t cool?


I was part of the blog jury to test one of the Mjam’s 6 top pizzerias: Thaliastraße (Pizzeria Casanova), Pilgramgasse (Ristorante Sale e Pepe), Kettenbrückengasse (Pizza Hotline 5), Südtirolerplatz-Hauptbahnhof (CasaMarWie Pizzeria & Ristorante), Praterstern (Pizzamann) and Messe-Prater (Ristorante Guiseppe).

I tested the first delivery pizza that Austria had in 2 flavors; the traditional salami and a contemporary spicy one.


I asked for the american style since I am more familiar with. The crusts looked ok but they together with the dough were super chewy not crunchy. For this reason I will give a 3 note.


The pizza with salami was called salami lovers, I pictured it with extra crispy fresh salami, instead the salami were to less. Note 4.


The consistency was fluffy and not crispy enough to feel it crunchy in the mouth. Note 4


I was very excited to eat the first pizza of the year, last one was last summer. I had to eat almost half of the pizza to tell myself, it would wonderful if it would have more taste. I couldn’t taste the cheese or salami. The buffalo chicken pizza tasted like onions and hot sauce. Note 3


The pizzas were looking great when they arrived, they looked eatable, smelling yummy and were warm and ready to eat. Note 2.


The delivery was super fast, only 20 minutes and the pizzas were with me. Only issue was that the delivery guy had the wrong payment amount and that took few minutes to be resolved by him calling the Pizzeria. Note 2.


You can also enjoy the easy way to get your favorite pizza at home from campaign. You can win 20€ voucher in your next online order. Valid only for Austria and you can leave a comment below telling which is your favorite pizza and why. Valid until the 23.2.2017 at 10:00pm and voucher can be used until the 28.2.2017. The winner will be selected by a random app.


  • Hi! Great Post! For me the best Pizza ist the typical Neapolitana: fresh tomato topping, fresh Mozzarella, basil leaves and some Olive oil. Delicious!!

    • My job was to rate the selected pizzeria. I have tasted real Italian pizza and American pizza. I like both but sometimes I fancy the American sometimes the Italian. Depends in my mood. They are different. Nothing to do with pizzaman’s tough. Hope one of your approved pizzas is on the Mjam list. They have a great range of pizzas 😉

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